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Kepler 22B at our sight

Kepler 22b is no doubt a big planet. Scientist don't know yet what in its atmosphere. It could sustain life by living creatures. most people believe that's its impossible to travel even 100 lighting years. It has been said  that in 2040, some engineers and scientists believe in to create a technology that for now doesn't exist. Remember the movie "avatar"?, well that's coming and soon in time will make thousands and thousands of soldiers,with the ease to not depend of oxygen. Kepler 22b be a big surprise for humans to be Capable of living with no limit, to become immortals just to expand the human race in all our universe in a big future beyond. Some say that the end of our world is near, but as technology has been advancing throw the year, internet and computers merged in little time.Its could mean that in 2020 or closer other  discoverers will come along to it. There are a lot of mystery out there in the stare that we are not aware of.It will that more than millions of years for our race to coexist and learn more about whats hidden from us around the universe.

Kepler22b can be a possibility for a second earth but scientists have had some rumors about more than 152 planets that could be out there, there could be more that millions of new species of animals or intelligent life sources. An interesting fact is that we can figure out how to travel by the speed of light that could open possibility for us to learn more about our universe..,but until that day comes its up to us.This is not just a fact,its a truth that we have to deal with it for all man kind to understand and apply.

We still don't know if we are existing for a purpose yet, but as we travel beyond our race someday in a distant future will know it. Times may come
our race can expand but there are more question than answers.

Finding intelligent life in Kepler 22b

Kepler 22b is a mystery for what we know

Kepler 22b,The S.E.T.I., is a special organization that tracks signals from extraterrestrial civilizations.There mission is to discover intelligent life form in the universe with their telescopes.They point to the new planets discovered by NASA that may be habitable. Understanding there point of view The Allen Telescope Array (A.T.A), is a very famous network of telescopes S.E.T.I Institute in California, to search for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence.

 From there sources its still unknown to be found life in Kepler 22b .This world seems to fulfill the conditions to have liquid water on its surface and is a hope, in the search for company in the universe. In other words this is an excellent opportunity for observations at any moment from this planet. For the first time, we can point our telescopes at stars. Built here on earth, now we know that those stars are actually host planetary systems. From our whereabouts this one looks like Earth. Located in the habitable zone around its star. That's the kind of world that might be home to a civilization capable of building radio transmitters.

This could take a matter of time to figure out some how if there life beyond Kepler 22b and other planets in its solar system. Even in space there are bacterias that are alive.who knows whats out there.
Before us were the dinosaurs, today they are just history but in Kepler 22b could mean that if there is life then it could be a possibility for life to live even if there rare creatures, dinosaurs or humans. We don t have all the answer in the universe ,but one thing for sure in some way we are not alone in this universe after all. 

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What is Kepler 22b?

All about Kepler 22b

Kepler-22b is the first known  extrasolar planet in the history of humanity. and that as been found in the habitable zone. In other words a region around a star where a planet could have liquid water.This planet is about six hundred light years from Earth. Now..from our sources we don't know if it is a rock solid planet or its a planet made of gas like Neptune,But what we do know that its out there and besides of it there are 152 undiscovered planets out there that can found in time, for now Kepler 22b could be a possible candidate for the future of our race ,it has been said that our earth in the year 3999 will be extinguished ,because of the high heat of the sun and the collapse of our atmosphere. Kepler22b could be our solution to support life in a distant time, such as the existence of water and a suitable temperature and atmosphere.  

It was discovered by the Kepler space telescope.in the orbits its star (Kepler-22) in 289 days.It is located 600 light years away from Earth in the constellation of Cygnus. It was discovered by NASA's Telescope and is the first known transiting planet to orbit within the habitable zone of a Sun-like star.Kepler 22b is beyond our reaches .This is a big challenge for mankind.Mostly all people try to emerge for this questionable situation and accept the fact that we don't believe we are not alone. kepler22b is one of the distant planets that NASA has discovered in little time. There are hundreds out there to look at for now and always.kepler22b is not just a wonderful discovery ,it is more than that.

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